Suite in five movements for the Four Seasons

We met Javier Comas in Madrid in 2015: we clicked and soon were looking to do something together. Javier proposed making a "dress suit" for our wines: from the sensations that our wines provoked in the artist and his understanding of our work he created the story of the cellar and the "Suite in five movements for the four seasons".

We present the five wines with Javier's labels in a numbered collection along with lithographic reproductions of the labels and the cellar Story.

The story of Celler BERNAVÍ

"It has snowed, the vineyards, the fields and the sky merge into one, underneath the white blanket the roots protected by the earth wait for the liquid snow the Spring will bring; and when Spring arrives the colours, the fields, the vineyards are reborn. Little by little the sky turns red with the Summer sunsets; in the evening Saturn, Mars and Spica - two planets and a star - anounce the night while the sun devours the dampness of the earth; man guards the land waiting for Autumn that turns everything to gold, the fields the vines, the grapes. The expert hands that have cared for these lands offer us the wine produced from them. Watch out, Winter's coming, it's snowed!

Javier Comas

Terra Alta, it's countryside as the thread of these labels.:

Two almost parallel lines form a common thread through the five labels. It looks like the countryside of the Terra Alta, but in the last two labels the mountains turn into vine shoots: the land and the plants form a single element. That landscape line is actually a coronary artery: symbol of the heart, of love and respect for the earth and symbol of the pulse and rhythm of life.

Wine and x-rays, merging images and sensations

Nottebianca - Winter: Renal arteriograms symbolize the roots of the vine. Under the white blanket the roots keep the vine standing and feed it, just as the kidneys get the water that the human body needs filtering the elements.

Ventuno – Spring: The explosion of spring, the color of the fields, the fertility of the earth summarized in an x-ray image, a hysterosalpingography, photos of uteruses, symbolizing that source of life in a spiral that recalls the red wine stain that a glass' foot leaves on a white linen tablecloth.

3D3 – Summer: The wine smells of summer, the sun sets behind the mountains of the Terra Alta after a summer storm. The sun is a retinography, symbolizing the eye of the watchman who takes care of the vineyard before the dangerous summer storms, identified on the label with the angiographies of the coronary arteries that irrigate the field. At the same time, the sun is the eye of the artist who through his eyes is inspired by creation. Three luminaries that precede the evening visible in the summer skies: Saturn, Mars and Spica. Saturn, the Roman name of the Titan Cronos, symbolizes the cycle of time, god of agriculture and the harvest: everything comes from the earth and everything returns to earth; Mars, the god of war identified with the Greek Ares, and a purely Italic deity, patron of many cities, and tribes such as the Sabines and the Etruscans; The third luminary is a star, Spica, and for the Romans this star symbolized Ceres, goddess of agriculture. Two planets and one star, two men and one woman... Bernaví's 3D3.

Ca’ Vernet & Negreita – Autumn: Two labels for the season where everything culminates in the harvest! The work of the craftsman throughout the year since the previous harvest yields its fruit. The man's hands collect the grapes and the final process begins. The wine that inspired this work. X-rays of hands, which symbolize that effort and recall the leaves of the vine; These hands hold triumphant a bunch of grapes, the beginning and end of wine, grapes that are actually mammograms, symbol of the primitive food of the human being, breastfeeding.